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Welcome to my Class!

Kirsten Gerdes

Brooklyn Bridge

About Me

To put a face with a name, that's me in the picture, posing with my family: my partner, William, and our senior pup, Ollie. Ollie's what we lovingly call a pomchoodle - mostly chihuahua with a good dose of poodle and Pomeranian thrown in for good measure. I'm a big fan of animals, and dogs in particular. I've been known to host a puppy party just because (and if you've never been to a puppy party, I highly recommend it for the release of good chemicals in the brain). I began at RCC as a full-time professor of philosophy and humanities in Fall 2017. Before coming to RCC, I taught at a few other schools around the SoCal area as well as online -- primarily in the fields of philosophy and religious studies. I tend to organize my classes around discussion, textual analysis, and analytical reading - skills that translate to whatever contexts you'll find yourself in after leaving my class.

Quick Facts

Places I've lived:
  • Wauwatosa, WI

  • New York, NY

  • Paris, France

  • Zurich, Switzerland

  • Riverside, CA

Things I've studied in school:
  • Music Theory & Composition (B.A.)

  • Global Studies / Philosophy (B.A.)

  • Humanities & Social Thought (M.A.)

  • Women's Studies in Religion / Philosophy of Religion & Theology (Ph.D.)

Things I like:
  • pop culture

  • podcasts

  • dogs

  • paper crafting

  • travel

  • coffee

  • art museums

  • reading philosophy

  • talking about any of those things

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